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The Kua Fu Initiative

Just because NASA's Space Shuttle Program was canceled in 2011, doesn't mean everyone has to just give up on human space exploration (see: Virgin Galactic or SpaceX).

Doug Cambron certainly doesn't think so. A lifelong ambition to explore space has led Doug to start the the Kua Fu InitiativeThe photo project is raising funds through Kickstarter to send a payload capsule into the lower stratosphere to capture HD photos and videos.

"The goal is to float the balloon-powered capsule up to 130,000 feet, where its payload of HD cameras will take still images and video of the planet's curvature. In addition, it will take atmospheric measurements and record ascent and descent behaviors. The device will contain cameras, flight computers, sensors, GPS receivers and radar reflectors. Especially important is that last bit, Cambron said, to ensure any aircraft will be able to detect the balloon." (via Mashable)

Elementem is just dreaming of the landscape photography that the Kua Fu Initiative would capture! Can you imagine the beautiful wood-mounted triptychs we would create? Swoon!

Check out the awesome Kickstarter campaign here:

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