The Beauty of the Beach

Summer is here! And what represents summer more than the sounds of crashing waves, the smell of the salty ocean and the feel of sand between your toes? We here at Elementem Photography love the beach, which is why we have more beach prints and ocean prints than any other landscapes. But what is it about the beach that makes us all tingly inside? Here are our top 10 reasons we love the beach accompanied by our top 10 beach triptychs:

#10: Dressing Down

What “dress code”? When you go to the beach, it’s whatever goes. You can wear a bikini, swim trunks or go nude (especially in Europe) and nobody will judge you. Flip flops or barefoot: who cares? As long as you’re comfortable!  


#9: Getting Close to Nature

Okay, so getting stung by jellyfish isn’t fun but watching pelicans dive in for  their lunch is pretty awesome. Whether it’s dolphins or sunbathing sea lions, the beach is way better than the zoo for watching some of the most beautiful animals in their natural habitat.


#8: Living Life in the Slow Lane

When you’re at the beach, everything moves a little slower. Time seems to stand still when you’re relaxing in the sun with your loved ones. There’s the feeling that there’s nowhere else to be but right there, where you are. No rush, no stress, just free.


 #7: Getting Sun-kissed

There’s a glow that comes from playing all day on the beach. Whether it’s a toasty brown tan (that comes after applying LOTS of sunscreen) or just a rosy-cheeked glow, everyone needs some Vitamin D! Spending the day at the beach warms your soul as well as your body.


#6: Sandcastles

Do we really need to explain this one?


#5: Walks on the Beach

There’s a reason every ‘perfect date’ scenario includes moonlight walks on the beach: they’re special. When the day has ended and the sun has gone down, the whole world seems to quiet down in order to hear the waves crashing onto the shore. A walk on the beach in the evening with a loved one would make anyone swoon.


#4: Listening to Reggae 

Bob Marley, Sly and Robbie, Peter Tosh: if you can’t listen to the Reggae greats on the beach then where can you listen to them? Reggae was born  in Jamaica and even if you aren’t on the beach and in the sun, when listening to it, you might as well be!


#3: Water Sports

Okay, so you’re not Michael Phelps but if you know how to do the doggy paddle, chances are you love to take a dip in the cool water on a hot summer day. If you’re more adventurous, taking a jet ski for a spin or going sailing can really perfect your day at the beach.

#2: Relaxing

Unless you’re a lifeguard, being at the beach means you’re not at work. Enough said.

#1: The Sunset

There’s something so magical about the sun setting at the beach. Its reflection on the water makes everything twice as colorful and serene. There’s just no better way to end a perfect day on the beach than with a spectacular sunset.

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