Water Photography Prints From Different Angles

Water shots have always been among the most popular in the photography world. As we recently mentioned in our post about the beauty of beach shots, we see this popularity reflected within our own product line.

Similarly to beach shots, water landscape photography prints have the ability to calm our moods. However, where beach photo prints can provide an element of peace and stillness, shots that focus more on the element of water specifically, have the ability to showcase a wide range of movement.

Water photo prints can vary in their color and movement so greatly, depending on the angle of the photographer. In this post, we are examining a few of the different popular angles and the visual changes they can provide from one water photo print to the next.


Water prints taken from above.

A popular style in the world of landscape photography is to use the surrounding natural elements to position the photographer above their subject. This is evident in many beach and ocean photos that are taken from a nearby cliff. This angle gives the photog the ability to capture the depth of the water and convey it through the deep blues that reflected. 

Water prints taken level with the ocean.

Ocean prints taken from eye level to the sand and water have the ability to catch a lot of movement within their shot. Photographers shooting from this angle can make it appear as if the waves are crashing directly at the camera. This style of landscape photography can really make the viewer feel like they are a part of the print.

Water prints taken from within the element.

Many landscape photographers admit to the levels they will go to in order to get right into a shot. This is very apparent in many popular water photo prints, where the photo is taken from within the ocean itself. When used in the combination of a waterfall or large ocean wave, this can really make the print take on an great action feel.

An interesting assignment for any budding landscape photographer would be to try capturing the same ocean from all three angles at the same time of day. The different lives that the body of water would take on in each print would be amazing. 

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