Featured Photographers Sean Davey + Justin Reznick

Featured Photographers Sean Davey + Justin Reznick

Justin Reznick

Justin Reznick is a photographer, environmentalist, teacher, and author. His eye for color and detail combined with innovative camera technique sets him apart from modern landscape photographers, and his love of natural and man-made architecture creates dynamic images in any setting.


"Lower Antelope Canyon is my favorite quarter mile on Earth," Reznick said. "The amazing fact is that the sandstone walls are the same color, it’s the way the light bounces in the canyon that produces the color separation. This only happens at the perfect time of day."


Taken spur-of-the-moment, his photographs are an act in reaction photography and a fantastic display of new camera technology. It was taken with an infrared camera, which can capture light beyond what the human eye can see, providing a dramatic, high contrast image.

 "A lot of photography is about reacting to light  and sometimes it’s fast and fleeting and being able to adjust," Reznick said. "If you know your camera really well, the camera’s not going to slow you down."


Sean Davey

Sean Davey lives the life we city-dwellers can only daydream at our desks about. The Australian native spends his days on Oahu’s north shore, photographing surfers and ocean wildlife. He doesn’t put so much emphasis into planning a shot, rather he grabs his gear and follows his gut, hoping a shot from the day will be his ‘golden egg.’

From visiting small farming communities to swimming with large schools of fish, Davey shares his daily happenings through photography that feels spontaneous and organic. “I don’t really put too much emphasis on planning, I just kind of go.” 140 magazine covers later and Davey hasn’t changed his process.

 “The best photos come out of nowhere,” Davey said.

You can find both photographers' prints here.


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