This week in art events 2.7.17 - NYC Restaurant Week!

Sushi art nigiri rolls inari salmon avocado rice seaweedThis week, high-end restaurants offer fixed price menus, a saving grace for designer appetites on a strict budget. Well, a budget that accounts for $30-sashimi-and-miso-brownie-lunches. There are 381 restaurants participating in New York Restaurant Week, but if picking just one seems daunting, here are a few shining stars in this year’s culinary constellation:

Haru is the peak of sushi greatness if you’ve grown up enjoying the mayo volcano that is AYCE as much as I have. It isn’t Morimoto, but the fish is surprisingly fresh for a restaurant whose closest source of water is the Hudson.

Gorgeous wooden plate of steak and peachesBen Jack’s Steakhouse was opened by two Peter Luger alumni, and it shows. Close your eyes and quality beef, cookie-cutter wait staff, and no-fuss plating could almost be a Peter Luger. Only Peter Luger isn’t offering an outrageous filet minion deal.

Vermecelli bowl, sweet potato noodles In a city jam-packed full of meat-centric Korean BBQ, steakhouses, and hot pot, Hangawi chose a different route. Hangawi is a vegetarian restaurant singing praise to chewy sweet potato noodles and fiery kimchi kale. A must eat for both vegetarians and those of us burned by cloying sauces and fatty broth.



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