How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Café #TrendingThursday

How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Café #TrendingThursday

Trending Thursday coffee and magazine with flowers on a coffee table

Nothing feels as good as getting the last open spot at the counter of your charming local café on a bustling Saturday morning. Finally, you can read your book in peace among the vintage amber chandelier, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the dainty metal chairs.

Unfortunately, most Saturdays the café is a war zone. Hungover college students do battle over the communal table, hungry masses bump elbows at the bar seating, croissant crumbs decorate the reclaimed wood. And if you do find a seat, you are guaranteed to have at least a few people give you the side eye from the sugar station for taking the time to enjoy your latte. 

What if I told you the serenity of the cafe does not have to be marred by people. In fact, with a few home décor adjustments, you’ll never have to spend $6 on iced coffee again.

Cup of coffee in a cute mug with latte art in a cafe

1. Cups. Replacing your slogan mugs with a wide mouthed cup and saucer set sets up the illusion that your $0.30 cup of joe is a coffee experience. Add a tiny spoon that serves no other purpose and you’re one step closer to café greatness.

Cute chalkboard with diamond coffee mug and french press

2. A Chalkboard. A chalkboard or some chalkboard paint makes a space feel strangely cozy. Is it the personal connection? That someone dirtied their hands to let you know that the word of the day is ‘chrysostomatic’? Either way, try a chalkboard above the kitchen table or on the fridge to add a bit of rustic chic to your home.

Girl at cute small dining table with a cup of coffee and pastries

3. Itty Bitty Tables. Even if you have a dining set, consider adding a small round table to your kitchen or window nook. A sunny space is ideal, but somewhere below a cheery art print works just as well. With a cup of coffee, a book, and your own private table, you can have the charm of the café with a side of peace and quiet.


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