#TrendingThursday Succulent Green

#TrendingThursday Succulent Green

Trending Thursday succulent green tiny potted plants

This week we are taking a page from last year’s obsession with those adorable arid pipsqueaks, but not in the way you may think.

My succulent survived the NY Blizzard of 2016 perched on my fire escape and still manages to perk up my living room to this day. But their durability is besides the point -put down your shirts, prints, coasters, and Pinterest boards- this year we are taking a page from their color: succulent green.

green birdcage tea house  

That rich green, reminiscent of dense jungle vegetation or a turtle shell, has been popping up everywhere. Try a succulent toned accent wall, a lush green art print (like this one here or here), or give your shutters an upgrade with a green hue. The best part? No watering required.

forest green shutters and flower bed


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