3-Panel Artwork: Why it’s Better for Panoramas

3-Panel Artwork: Why it’s Better for Panoramas

Here at Elementem, something we love is paneled prints. Whether it’s 3 or 5 panels, we believe that the images really pop in this format. You may also see 3-panel pieces be called “Triptychs”, a word that comes from Greek and means having three folds. Historically, triptychs have hinges in between each photograph or painted panel so that it can literally be folded up. The paneled prints that we have in our store are separated and you get to decide the spacing between each image. The images are also frameless and instead mounted onto a sturdy wooden backing. Anyway, why exactly should you be interested in these paneled works? We decided to explain the three biggest reasons why we think that 3-panel artwork specifically is better for panoramas than other options.

Connection in the Brain

In most 3-panel pieces, but not all, each image is just one third of a larger work. If you’re looking out onto a pier, it’ll be broken into three parts, as pictured below.

By the way, we have an entire section on our website devoted to Pier and Perspective prints. When your brain brings together those 3 panels to form the single image of the entire pier, there is a real sense of pleasure it takes in that connection. The brain’s synapses are firing, neural pathways being utilized, all to bring this image together in a split second. While it’s happening very quickly, the small challenge for the brain connecting the image as well as absorbing different, intense colors, is a nice exercise. Following this is that feeling of relief mixed with awe at the beauty of the image.

There’s another reason in there why the prints are a great addition to any room. If you’re seeking panoramas that have a sense of serenity and true beauty, or are thinking simply of artwork that makes a statement, paneled images are definitely somewhere you want to look. 

Before we move on, I thought I’d come back quickly to the beginning when I mentioned that not all 3-panel prints are one image broken into 3 parts. Some panel works can be three distinct images, most likely of the same theme, put next to each other. Example of Fruits and Water below, if you’re curious.

Think of an IMAX Theater

One of the alluring parts of going out of your home to see a movie is the full experience. You sit down, there’s a way bigger screen than the one you have at home, plus there’s some great snacks. IMAX theaters capitalize on this and take it to the next level, not to mention 3D movies now. But IMAX has the ability, through covering almost an entire wall and using a dome-like shape, to give you the feeling that you’re in the movie. Well, 3-panel wall art does almost the same thing. It allows for a dynamic experience of an image, and takes you into it as if you’re actually there. The space that you choose for your 3-panel piece of artwork is thus defined by that image because of how it draws you in.

Covers More Space on the Wall

It can be daunting to decorate a full wall, let alone an entire house. Plus, not only can it be exhausting but it can get expensive. These panel prints make it easier, and cheaper. Similar also to the IMAX theater, 3-panel artwork - and most of the artwork we sell at Elementem - covers more space on the wall than typical prints. We operate by the idea that one piece of our artwork can make an entire space be lit up with colors. Like we said earlier, it can even define a space. Therefore, that one print will be all you need to complete the decorating for that wall, and sometimes even the room. Not including the non-wall décor! That means though that you’re getting more for what you spend too, and who doesn’t love that?

Most people are mesmerized by 3-panel art when they see it, and sometimes they can’t figure out why. We believe that the above reasons are the answer they’re looking for. Have you given paneled artwork a try? We have a ton of options from cityscape panoramas to landscapes and nature if you want to take a peek at the possibilities.

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