What Am I Getting When I Purchase Your Prints?

What Am I Getting When I Purchase Your Prints?

What makes our photography prints better than canvas prints?

Almost everyone makes canvas prints. We choose to print on vinyl instead.  Canvas prints look nice. Vinyl prints look magical. They’re smoother, shinier, better protected and require better inks, all adding up to a much more vibrant and eye-catching image.

3 Differences Between Vinyl and Canvas Prints

1. The Printing

The best photographs are only as good as the materials they’re printed on.  Our prints look better because we print on Vinyl, which is smoother and stronger than canvas, giving our prints more shine, more vibrancy, and more brightness than typical canvas prints, which are rougher and duller.   





2. The Durability

We mount our prints onto wood and laminate them.  This protects them from dust, scratches, and children/party animals.  Our prints can be cleaned, dusted, and are naturally protected from minor damages. 

3. The Love

We just love making customers happy, as sappy as it sounds.  Every positive review we get (and they’re almost all positive) reminds us why our obsession with quality and choosing the right images, materials and packaging is worth it.  
See all the reviews for our products in one place here, and see what others think of our work. Not only do we make better products, we make them cheaper than our top competitors.  Our Set of 3 standard prints are $149, and our Sale items are $59.  For better wall decor that costs less, why consider anyone else?

We guarantee everything make and want you to be happy no matter what.  We have a 30 day no-questions asked return policy + free shipping both ways.  See what our customers are saying: 400 + reviews from our customers.

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