Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the Right Size Photo

You’ve taken your time, considered the theme you are going for, found the right space, looked at all the options and finally decided on your photo.  Now for the all-important question…what size?  Choosing the wrong size is like choosing the wrong photo, it just won’t work.  You might be asking yourself, “how will I know what size is right for my space?”  Consider the tips below when choosing the size for your next photograph.  Most rooms are decorated and based around its furniture.  Consider a living room, the couch is the main focus point; or a bedroom, the bed is the center of the room.  So, this gives you a starting point.  The size of the photo should be based on the size of the main piece of furniture.  Now, think about the size of your room.  The larger the room, most likely, the larger the photo.  That’s simple enough.



Living Room

Let’s consider the living room.  Many customers choose to hang their photos above their couch or seated area.  A two seated sofa would demand a smaller photograph than a three seated couch. Two seated sofas are usually about 70” in length, a 5’ photograph would work well for the space above this.  A three seated couch is usually about 86”, a 6’photograph would fit here.  For bigger couches, such as 100,” 7’ is recommended.



Next, let’s think about a bedroom.  Are you planning to hang the photo about the bed, dresser or on a side wall?  If the bed, then use the size of your bed as a reference point.  For a king bed, Elementem recommends a 6’ photo, for a queen or full, 5’ is recommended.  If you are hanging it above a dresser, you most likely would want a photo about 75%-80% of the dresser. For a side wall, consider the size of the room as a whole.


Many customers choose to decorate their offices with Elementem photography.  The size of the photos chosen depends on the size of the room.  For instance, a waiting room at a doctor’s office will usually display a larger photo than the exam room; the conference room of an office will have a larger photo than a cubicle.  On average, a 7’ photo works well in a waiting room, a 5’ or 6’ is recommended for the exam room, a 7’ photo for a conference room and a 5’ for a cubicle.

You might bet thinking…”what if I chose the wrong size?!”  Not a problem, Elementem allows returns anytime up to 30 days. 

Happy Measuring!

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