Elementem Video Chat Backgrounds

Elementem Video Chat Backgrounds

What’s in your background?!

With what’s going on in today’s world, there’s a mass amount of people using apps like Zoom in order to connect with friends and family, have work conferences, and even go on dates. Now more than ever it matters what’s in your background. For those of you doing all of this, bravo on social distancing! Let’s help you have the best background you can to impress and inspire your colleagues, friends, family, and potential significant others. Despite the boredom inherent in this mundane world of quarantine, images of the natural world are sure to bring revelations and an overall more positive outlook. Give that to yourself and the people you know. 

The images below are unique and all downloadable, just right click on the image you want and hit save. Check them out! 

Your New Home Office

It never hurts to spruce up your furniture, and your boss doesn’t have to know that it isn’t permanent. Below are two images that give you not only a beautiful view, but a new apartment seemingly. 

This photo of the New World Trade Center, The Freedom Tower, is one of our most popular New York scenes. This was taken by one of our featured photographers, Edward Reese. The vibrancy of the colors he captured are unmatched, and brings the Freedom Tower to life, amidst the backdrop of the surrounding downtown skyline. The beautiful sunset reflecting off of the water gives the contemplative atmosphere to your new background, and everyone will love this.

This is our “Boathouse on the Swan River” photo, one of our Ocean Theme photography triptychs. This is a real boathouse and pier in the beautiful city in Perth, Australia. The print brings a serene feeling to your background, and lets your friends, family, coworkers, and dates know that you also have great taste in décor and can take care of plants. This is what one customer said about this print in real life: 

“I bought this piece to hang above a chaise lounge chair on a brick wall and it is absolutely perfect. My package was delivered very quickly and came ready to be hung with clear instructions, it was very easy and I did it myself. The actual quality of the piece is gorgeous, I'm always getting compliments when guests visit. The colors really pop against my brick; I still glance at its beauty now and again. I will definitely purchase from Elementem again and have already recommended them to friends, and will continue to.” - Denique

Oops, secret’s out that our prints are easy to hang and we have quick delivery! Moving on...

Floating Art

If you want to make it more obvious that this background is for beauty and not for creating the idea of a completely different environment in your home, these images below feature just the photographs themselves.

This is a throwback for us as we no longer offer this on our site, but you can still have it in your home. At least while you’re on video. Canvas prints in 5 panels give a stunning panorama effect. People cannot help but draw their eyes to the vibrant colors, the different details in each panel, and the reflection begging to be had here. Wow those you know with this background as opposed to the empty white wall you’ve been meaning to put something on for years!

If you do want a sunlit forest in your home, check out this one of Central Park or be notified when this Sunlight Reflection is available again.

We didn’t forget about you city-lovers. Remind yourself and those you video chat with what a beautiful city New York City is, and that you stand strong with those there. Whether it’s outside your real life window, or far off on the other side of the country. Let the focal point of your next meeting be how awe-inspiring your background is. For a 1-panel print of New York City, check out this one of New York City by Day.

Those are the options we have for you today, we hope you enjoy them! 

By the way, did you notice while scrolling through that we have easy-to-hang and durable frames? We at Elementem work to bring ease into decorating, and have one print change your entire space. Learn more about our featured photographers, our print quality, and more now on our About page.

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