Do You Live in a City Apartment?

Do You Live in a City Apartment?

Bringing Modern Wall Decor to New York City

If you live in an apartment you know how hard it is to find the right decor.  With limited space, everything has to work together.  You want something that will look good, and also be something your friends will like.  Also, most likely you'll be moving in a few years, so you want something nice, not too nice.  And of course, it has to be cool af. 

Our art is perfect for a city apartment.  It covers all the bases: beautiful, modern, big, bright.  Our 3 Piece Triptychs are perfect for covering those big spaces above the bed, sofa, or dining table, and they're affordable.  

The Photo Shoot

We hired professional photographer Kelsey Ann Rose to shoot our art in a beautiful New York City apartment on Amsterdam Ave on the Upper West Side in Lawrence's apartment. We wanted to show how beautiful the art looked in a clean, modern, space.

We took photos of some of our most popular prints in Lawrence’s living room, bedroom, and also how the art looks above a media unit. We tried to capture Lawrence as he would be at home; reading, relaxing, on his West Elm sofa, and Crate and Barrel Bed.

What do you think of how our photography prints look? Do you think they capture the vibrancy of New York, and add to the apartment’s decor? We feel they do. We think they pair beautifully with the modern furniture, and add a lot of color and life to the minimalist apartment.

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