Why Art is Useful in Healthcare Settings

Why Art is Useful in Healthcare Settings

When we started Elementem in 2010, we had no idea that medical offices would be some of our best customers. At the time, hospitals and waiting rooms were kind of bland, sterile places. But since then, a lot has changed. There have been numerous studies that demonstrate how important the design and decor of a medical setting is in influencing patient care and wellbeing. In particular, nature and landscape scenes have a proven impact on patients’ wellness and recovery, both physically and mentally. 

As humans, we’re wired to respond to the beauty and grandeur of the natural world. The world around us is an amazing reminder of the intelligent design in every part of our existence, including our bodies, which is one reason doctors love to showcase our art in their offices. We hike large mountains to gaze upon the view at its peak, but also to challenge ourselves. We wake up early in the morning to see the colors of the sunrise, and feel alive in a different way. The beauty of nature often shows us how amazing, powerful, and important experiencing the natural world can be.

How does a photograph affect humans?

The humbling effect brought on by a nature scene is a positive one. In fact, the neurons that fire when we are physically out in the woods or on a mountain are the same that go off when taking in an image of it. The goal with our panorama prints, the majority of which are divided into 3 or 5 panels, is to induce the feeling that we are actually there - looking over the Grand Canyon or wading in a blue ocean. Nature artwork can raise serotonin levels and impact one’s emotions, mood, brain wave patterns, and nervous system. It’s the real deal!

We can see through use of Art Therapy that over the years the benefit of art and artwork has been increasingly acknowledged. This being for its ability in general to reduce stress, increase pain tolerance, shorten lengths of stays in hospitals, and therefore aid healing overall. Artwork creates a comforting, calm, home environment, and can distract from both mental and physical pain. 

How else is artwork used in medical offices?

There are many ways that artwork is used in medical offices. It is of course a way to welcome and soothe patients and family, but it also differentiates different areas of hospitals. Offices for medical-related services such as psychiatrists may have artwork in their meeting rooms as well as in waiting rooms. While hospitals may use artwork to differentiate a waiting room, a patient room, and faculty offices from a non-public space. Another great benefit is that it not only mentally helps patients, but natural landscape scenes can also have a positive influence on staff too. Artwork is especially helpful in spaces where there are no windows to bring in natural light and views of the outdoors. 

Nowadays, artwork is being considered during the new construction and design of healthcare facilities everywhere. Hospitals and other medical offices have chosen Elementem artwork for years now because of our high quality prints and our low cost. Our prints are also easy to hang, with no nails required. We work with any budget and deliver quickly. We offer 100% free shipping and free returns on all U.S. orders and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. More important to us than these aspects of our business is that we’re helping bring joy, serenity, and healing to those in hospitals, other medical-related office spaces, and homes. Learn more on our About Us page!

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