3 Tips for Decorating Your New Home Office

3 Tips for Decorating Your New Home Office

This pandemic may have a lasting effect on many parts of our lives that we’ve become accustomed to, such as air travel, use of gyms, frequency of eating at restaurants, and overall cleanliness. One area of permanent change could be the amount of companies who allow their employees to work from home, depending on if it proves successful and profitable. If you’re someone who wants to spruce up your home office, whether it’s because you’ve already had one or are just creating one for the circumstances, here are three tips to help you decorate that space.

1. Grab Some Accent Pillows!

If you have a couch in your office, or just room for a couple of chairs, a great way to go from bland to designer is an accent pillow or two. For a couch, you may want anywhere from one to three on each corner of the sofa. Some people even put another pillow in the middle, although this may deter one from sitting or you’ll have to move it when you sit down. If you have a chair that sits in the corner of the room as a decorative piece (while also used for the occasional sit!), one pillow propped on the chair would work. This is a small way to bring your home office, or any space, from an everyday room to something special.

pillows and blankets on a couch

Tip within a tip: don’t forget the throw blanket! You never know if you or someone visiting your home office will be cold. And, if you’re not, it looks great anyway.

2. Put Green on Your Walls!

Plants really liven up a room. Yes, they might require occasional or frequent watering, but taking care of a living organism can have health benefits for you too. Not to mention the positive effects that nature has on the brain. When it comes to placing your new plants, there are a few, fun ways to go about it. First, you can have a plant in a decorative pot, perhaps a brown clay or anything that will mesh well with the colors of your space. A second, more involved idea is to break out the arts and crafts. Find some beautiful wooden boxes and repurpose them as a holder for your plants. Simply clean the box, and hang it as you would a piece of art - just with a plant inside or sitting on top of it! Check out the image below for some inspiration!

plants in wooden boxes on wall

Another tip within a tip: try out a woven backdrop! A woven tapestry as a unique wall hanging may not be something you see everyday, but it can really add texture to a space. 

3. Elementem Prints!

You knew it was coming, but we’re not being selfish. Our aim is to help. Our panoramic prints are divided into panels, from 3 panels to 5 panels, in order to create an effect of actually being in the place the image has captured. We focus on being bold and modern, and bringing a sense of serenity, beauty, and inspiration to a space. We also work with independent photography to keep their ability to make art alive. Whether you want to see a city skyline or nature every day, we’ve got a beautiful piece of art waiting to be placed on your wall.

Now that we’ve all been cooped up in our homes for so long, we can appreciate how important the decorating of our homes actually is! A home is a welcoming, comfortable environment. The best way to make it even more inviting for you and your guests is to add these elements, to bring physical comfort, a sense of life, and stunning artwork into your rooms. Follow us on social media for more design tips and tricks, and you can share your own with us there too - we love receiving photos of your spaces, especially if you’ve got an Elementem print!

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