About Our Canvas and HD Canvas Photography Prints

We started our company to make wall art accessible to everyone.  We’ve all experienced the empty feeling of a furnished room without color on the walls. We wanted to solve that problem, by making unique art prints that reflect individual taste.  

We make all types of prints that vary in image source, print material, cost, and size.  Below you’ll find a guide to our prints to make it easier for you to choose which print works best for your needs.

Photographer Editions vs. Standard Prints

We work directly with photographers to create many of the prints we make.  Some of our top prints come from photographers like David Balyeat, Sean Davey, and Tom Schwabel who are all incredible landscape photographers.  Other prints we make through working indirectly with photographers through photography agencies.  Every photography print we make is unique with our own production and printing process, so the quality of all the prints is the same across each product type, only the source of the imagery differs.    

For Photographer Edition prints, we pay our photographers a commission of 30% of the sales of the prints.  These prints directly support artists from around the world.  Because of this, these prints are a bit higher in price than our Standard Prints.  

HD Canvas vs. Canvas (Video Below)

In the video you’ll see that we take a digital print, printed onto vinyl (another name for HD Canvas) which is then mounted to a solid piece of wood, and covered with a thin laminate to protect the front of the print from minor scratches.  

Why are our HD Canvas Prints Better than Standard Canvas Prints?

High Definition Canvas is the best-looking way to print digital images that we have ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot!)  Our HD prints simply look better than anything else on canvas, or any other type of print for a comparable price.  

Why should any of this matter?

1.  Our prints look better than any other regular canvas print.

  1.  They won’t scratch, or get damaged as easily as a typical canvas, hollow print.
  2.  The format of 3 panels is extra helpful, because they’re easy to pack up, and move around.  So moving your art between apartments, homes, etc.  is just super easy.
  3.  They look amazing!

But...We also do sell Standard Canvas Prints!

Our Standard Canvas prints are printed on High Quality Canvas, in a traditional art gallery wrap. The canvas is stretched, and wrapped around a wooden frame, and looks great as an art print. The print is lightweight, and comes ready to hang with a wall mount included on the back of the print. Available in multiple sizes.