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It’s simple: we make beautiful wall decor by turning incredible photography into great products.

Since 2010, we have sold Elementem prints in art markets around New York City and to retailers throughout the U.S. We believe in making beautiful art affordable to the world, and we work with printers, photographers, and designers to make incredible products.

We're a small team in NYC, making wall decor that people love. As much as we can show how beautiful our prints are online, nothing beats seeing them in person.

Please feel free to stop by anytime at our offices (just let us know in advance!) to come look at our prints, and meet us in person. We would love to show you our new prints, and get a chance to talk with you in person.

To get in touch with us, if you have any questions, want to visit our offices, or simply want to chat, please contact us at info@elementem.com or 646-504-8029

With love,
The Elementem Team

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