Norway Fjord

  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
  • Norway Fjord
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Norway Fjord


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Norway Fjord is a gorgeous scene taken in one of Norway's famous fjords, the water-filled canyons that are make Scandinavia so lovely.  Taken by one of our Featured photographers, David Martizen, the vibrancy of the colors he captures are unmatched, and unlike anything you've ever seen: the pristine beauty the fjord in all its vibrancy.

Each Photography Panorama comes in a set of 3, meant to be hung next to each other, with a small gap between each print, for an amazing panoramic effect . There are 3 sizes available, depending on your wall space: 20"x 60", 24"x 72", and 28"x 84"

Featured Photographer

This photograph is taken by photographer David Martinez.  He receives commissions from each sale, and your purchase directly supports artists like him to continue to create incredible photography.

Beautiful, Unique Decor for Big Walls

We take incredible photographs and turn them into stunning panoramas by dividing the image into 3 parts to create a unique, impressive experience unlike anything you've seen.  Our customers use our panoramic scenes to decorate big, wide spaces that they want to use to impress: above the couch in the living room, long hallways, conference rooms, etc.  

We Print on Vinyl, Not Canvas

This is a panoramic print printed on different material than what you may have seen on canvas.  While canvas is the most popular material for digital prints, vinyl is actually much higher quality.  Why is that?  Well, this can get a little technical, but you know how canvas has a kind-of rough surface?  Vinyl is smooth, so the print of the image is able to cover more surface area, causing the colors to look much more vibrant and reflective.  Basically, the image looks better, brighter, and more realistic than anything you've seen on canvas before, we guarantee it.

We Mount On Wood, and Cover the Prints for Protection

Each vinyl digital print we make is mounted to a solid wood frame, not a cheap hollow outer frame, like most canvas prints.  With a solid backing, our prints look better, smoother, and can't be damaged easily, or poked through, like a canvas print. These panoramas are guaranteed to last and retain their form for much longer than other prints without solid backing.

Our vinyl prints are covered with a thin layer of laminate, which protects them, and allows for easy cleaning and dusting with light water-based cleaning solutions.

Easy to Hang

Our Prints are super easy to hang with slots on the back of each print, and wall hangers included in your purchase. 

Watch a Quick Video About Our Prints

    1. What sizes are your prints?

    We make all of our pictures in 20x20 inch, 24x24 and 28x28 panels. They can be ordered in any size. What we have on the website is what we have in stock at the moment, but if you are interested in a different size, we can certainly make it for you. Just let us know how we can help!

    2. How long does it take to ship?

    If we have the item in stock:

    • 1-Panel Canvas, 3-Panel & 4-Panel Photos, 5-Panel Canvas, Framed Canvas, and Plexiglass ship in 2–3 business days.
    • Art Prints & Decals ship within 5 to 10 business days.

    After shipping out, it will usually take 1-2 business days to arrive in the tri-state area, and 3-5 business days to other parts of the country.

    3. How much does it cost to ship?

    Shipping is FREE for all U.S. orders! 

    Shipping charges vary per country for international orders. 

    4. How are your pictures made?

    Our excellent printing methods are unique in their quality, durability, and vibrancy. We print digitally onto vinyl, and mount onto MDF fiberboard.

    5. I'm not sure about purchasing, what is your return policy?

    For 1-panel canvas, 3-panel photo, 5-panel canvas, framed, and plexiglass items: We offer a full refund and we'll pay for return shipping if you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase. We realize that purchasing art is not easy to do online, and we will gladly accept a return or exchange within 60 days of purchase.

    Art Prints & Decals are custom, made-to-order items and are NOT eligible for return or exchange.

    6. Can you do custom pictures?

    Sure we can. We can make any picture you need. Just email us the file and we'll have our graphic team look at it to tell you what sizes and options you have according to the resolution.

    7. I'd like to see your prints in person before I buy, could I come in to your store?

    Right now Elementem is selling only at street fairs and markets around New York City, but we do have a weekday location at Union Square, as well as an office in Manhattan that we have scheduled visits twice a week for anyone interested. Please email us to arrange a time where we can meet.

    8. How can we hang the pictures, and do you have anyone who can do it for us?

    We do have someone in New York who does an excellent job of installing our pictures. Please email us to arrange a time for you.

    *Please note:

    • Installation hardware is included with 3-panel & 4-panel wood-mounted prints only.
    • Installation hardware is not included with canvas, plexiglass, or flat prints.

    Below are the steps:

    1. Before installing your new purchase, please open the attached wall hangers on the side of the box of your photos. Inside you will find metal hangers, plastic “anchors” (for drywall) and screws to install the metal wall-hangers into the wall (these are what the pictures will hang on). The metal pieces fit inside the grooves at the back of the pictures.
    2. To begin, measure your wall - Choose a space on a wall where you want to put the art that will fit. Keep in mind the width of the 20x20 inch triptych is 60 inches, the 24x24 inch triptych is 72 inches, and the 28x28 inch triptych is 84 inches.
    3. The distance between the two outer grooves on the back of each picture is 13.5 in. There are three grooves, or slots, on the back of each photograph. Really only the outer grooves are necessary to use for the installation.
    4. Level the space where the art will go. With a pencil, mark a single line or several little lines to ensure that your line is level before you install. Once leveled, draw on the wall with a pencil where the grooves on the back of the art will line up, this is where you will install the wall hangers to hang the art. Each panel should be 1/2 in. - 1 inch apart (though some people like to put them right next to each other, and some even further apart) They should be spaced along the level line, evenly.
    5. If you're installing into drywall, drill the hole where you will put the wall hangers/metal pieces. Place the plastic anchor inside the drilled hole, then place the metal wall hanger over the drilled hole and drill the screw into the same hole (which is now "padded by the wall hanger").
    6. If you're not installing into drywall, and you can drill directly into the wall. Place the wall hanger in the spot you marked on the wall and drill the screw into it to secure it in place.
    7. Hang the art after all the wall hangers are in place! Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your brand new art!

    Free Shipping

    Shipping is FREE on all U.S. orders! No promo code required.

    Shipping charges vary per country for international orders. 

    Free Returns

    For 1-panel canvas, 3-panel photo, 5-panel canvas, framed, and plexiglass items: We offer a full refund and we'll pay for return shipping if you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase. We realize that purchasing art is not easy to do online, and we will gladly accept a return or exchange within 60 days of purchase.

    See our FAQ page for more information.